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All of us as parents want to help make our children’s dreams come true. That is why we created the soccer academy to help young players train and develop their career in the world of soccer.

We are a football academy with accommodation and full board.

We are in Barcelona, ​​Spain. We work with boys and girls from 13 to 23 years old.

We offer three types of soccer training programs.

We help plan/build a career in the world of football with our methodology. We have morning technical training and training sessions at a club, where we guarantee that the club corresponds to the level of the player. We also go to tournaments where we compete with all kinds of clubs. This plan is designed to improve the level of the player, we work with players of all levels, from beginners to pro players.


Entrenamiento de prueba con B1SoccerAcademy
Entrenamiento de prueba con B1SoccerAcademy

So that you can understand what it is to be in B1, we recommend that you register for the Free B1 experience where we include all this:

Morning training: You will meet our trainers personally. We will spend 1.5 hours on the field training and your son or daughter will be able to demonstrate the level of their game and will be able to ask our coaches any questions they may have.

Complete visit to the student residence: You will visit a room, the terrace, the recreation area. You will be able to see and even meet other B1 Players.

Food at the residence: You can discover and taste the variety of our dishes.

We hope you have a good time and we can solve all your doubts.

We hope to see your son or daughter among our students soon.

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    Free B1Experience 1day