The best educational options to complete a unique experience in Barcelona.

B1 Soccer Academy knows the importance of the educational training of young talents, and for this reason, we have a collaboration agreement with AESA Prep International and Princess Margaret School in the city of Barcelona.

Currently, they are the best options for our foreign players who want to continue their studies without abandoning any academic course due to the internationality of the studies can take IB as well as A-Levels. The best education for the future.

The B1 experience is not only sports, it is also educational. Perfect your English, learn Spanish, the 4th most spoken language in the world, or start with Catalan to communicate with the locals. It gives the opportunity to obtain an official language qualification, and stand out in the future job market.

We believe in the holistic development of the soccer player, the soccer players of B1 Soccer Academy combine their soccer career and studies.

AESA Prep International The Future of Education

AESA Prep International is an AdvancED accredited and NCAA Approved private college-prep school offering online educational programs for 9th through 12th-grade students.

Students from B1 Soccer Academy participate in a blended learning program, where they complete their online courses in a traditional classroom setting with teachers who provide additional instruction, feedback, and support.

AESA‘s educational model provides students with the flexibility they need to keep playing soccer, and its robust curriculum prepares them for success at the university level.

Princess Margaret School Education & Innovation

At a school, there is often unseen work being carried out. It is probably not seen as everything works perfectly. If everything is working properly our educational work is made easier. At Princess Margaret School we strive to ensure everything works as it should thereby providing the best quality.

The athletes of B1 Soccer Academy will be integrated into an international study programme with the best performance and academic services. Princess Margaret School wants to be, in Barcelona, the leading school in personalized, innovative and international education, preparing students to overcome the challenges of a global world.


Private School

At B1 Soccer Academy we offer to students the highest quality international programs, with a trilingual (English, Spanish and Catalan) education in the best schools in Barcelona. Optimal education for successful development.


These schools with which B1 Soccer Academy works are designed to offer a top-level bilingual program for the most advanced students. They are also complemented with private English lessons.

Public School

B1 Soccer Academy also works with public schools, especially for international Spanish-speaking students. Without neglecting bilingual education (Spanish and Catalan) and reinforcement classes.