B1 is back to training

As promised, we are back on the road at B1 Soccer Academy as the training sessions have been starting again last Thursday. New year but the same goals, always thinking about B1 Players and their max development.

Indeed, after a long  Christmas break, we are glad to be able to start off a new year at B1. We hope that everyone had a pleasant break and was able to enjoy some family time!

B1 will keep on growing

We need to keep on building on the momentum we had at the end of last year in order progress as an Academy. We are blessed to be able to continue through these difficult times and we want to take advantage of it.

Moreover, we have the pleasure to announce that we will be introducing several new B1 Players that decided to make B1 Soccer Academy part of their lives.

They will be attending the training in the next few weeks. The Academy is really appreciative of the trust that these players are putting in us. We will not disappoint you!

New year, New Fat Test

Christmas breaks usually come with eating a lot of delicious dinners until our stomach is about to explode but sometimes it is good to please ourselves.

However, now that the break is over we want to assure that our athletes are still in good conditions to start off this new year. At B1, the physical health of our players is one of our principal concerns.

Therefore last Thursday, our physiotherapist, Dani Jimenez, attended the training in order to conduct the fat test on the players present that day. Hopefully, he did not find shocking results!