B1 Team continues its win streak!

The good dynamics and good results of Didi Rodriguez‘s players follow help us achieve a new victory, this time against the Jupiter CE youth team.

The B1 Players remain unbeaten, winning 4 matches and drawing one of the 5 disputed. The team continues demonstrating that, day by day, it improves and that the training sessions of the B1 Elite Development program are giving their results.

For our Coach Didi Rodriguez, each match is a test to study new positions, to get to know the players better and to get the most out of each one of them. The main goal is to prepare players to compete in the most important international tournament. The team has to be ready to play MIC 2019!

Rodriguez commented that “it’s not easy to compete against teams that have been playing and competing together longer, but our guys are working better every day and the results in the games give us these good feelings. The morning training and their participation with different federated teams help them a lot. The staff relies on the team to try to match last year’s result at MIC.”

Adding minutes

The team came out today with some new faces, such as the US goalkeeper Zac del Favero, or the midfielders Zeiad Elhaj from Lybia and John Polydor also from the United States.

The initial 11 had jumped to the grass of the Camp Municipal La Verneda to face the Youth Team of the Jupiter CE.

During the first minutes of the match, both teams had tried to get full possession of the ball and therefore had made some inaccuracies.

Already from minute 8, the B1 team has managed to combine good plays between several players, moving the ball from side to side of the field. Until in the 11th minute, after a good unmarked space, the Swiss striker Adrian Ringele, and the Captain today has scored the first goal of the match.

B1 has continued to have possession of the ball as well as opportunities. Some corners and some shots to goal with the good intervention of the goalkeeper. But the second goal was not made to wait much, because only 6 minutes later, and the 16, Adrian again scored a goal to give tranquility to the team.

Hard work

Before reaching the middle half, Jupiter had managed to reach the area of Rodriguez’s team and had provoked a penalty and scored making impossible the stretch of Zac and putting the marker 1-2.

With this result, we had reached half time. Already in the second half, the tonic has been very similar to the first half. Mastery of the game, possession of the ball and opportunities for the team of B1. And it was in the 13th minute when after a good play from our Canadian winger, Duncan and the center from the wing, Zeiad, a new B1 player, made his debut as a goalscorer with a good shot.

Final result 1 to 3 and new good sensations for the B1 team. We keep working and improving!