The Goalies training

We believe that our specific GK training is important because sometimes we tend to underestimate the importance of that role. In fact, a goalkeeper’s position is a key position as he is the first build-up player but also he needs a good speed of action and automated processes to make fast tactical decisions.

Therefore, we want to provide the best specific training to our B1 Goalkeepers. And to achieve this vision, the B1 Coach Miguel Angel Álvarez is working every week with our B1 Goalies in a small group, which helps him; deal with the particular needs of every single one of them.

Consequently, more detailed and individual feedback is given and a closer and intensive relationship arises automatically.

Miguel Ángel works with them on the tactical and technical aspects always looking to teach deep knowledge that would help them in competition.

He also puts a lot of importance in the physical conditioning for immediate performance taking into account that the body is the main tool of a goalkeeper.

Anyways, we are really pleased to have Miguel Angel by our side as he has a lot of experience in several Spanish pros and semi-pro clubs and in the world of goalkeepers.

Forging goalkeepers

Miguel Angel is responsible for the goalkeeping area of the club where he also coaches the first team, the 3rd division team, Terrassa FC.

Thanks to his knowledge and his passion for goalkeeping, he has created his own Goalkeeper school MAAT Porteros where gives specific classes and clinics to young Goalkeepers when he is not at B1 Soccer Academy.

We can say he has a busy routine but we are happy that he is able to find time for our B1 Academy.

Miguel angel had this to say about being at B1 Soccer Academy:

“I’m really happy to be able to train at B1 and implement my alternative work methodology who I believe is successful, and where values like sacrifice, companionship, effort, respect, and tolerance are present every day and forming part of the formula that never fails: EFFORT = REWARD.”

Keepers from outside are attending the B1 training

The Goalkeepers training sessions are designed for the B1 Players like Iván Sarrablo, Sergio Alfaro, or Zac del Favero, but it happens that outside GK want to join and we are happy to let them.

The quality of the training is the first reason why other players want to join the training program, but also the rapid evolution they experience first hand when it comes to working with Miguel Ángel.

Joan Compte, who is the CEO of TwoFive Gloves, a Goalkeeper’s gloves brand, and Third Division GK in Barcelona, attended the training and enjoyed every minute of it.

We recently discussed a possible partnership with his company because we believe in supporting local companies, and we think it could create a beneficial situation for both parties. Stay tuned!

Moreover, Andrea Escudero who plays in the first team of CE Sabadell is attending the weekly training to try and improve her game. So far she has been enjoying her time and learning a lot under the supervision of Miguel Ángel.

“A goalkeeper is body and mind.”

We will continue to work hard with all the goalkeepers so that they can achieve their goals. Because we not only take care of our B1 Players, but we also want to offer the best opportunities to our B1 Goalies!