Leo’s first starters with AE Prat

As you may know, at B1 Soccer Academy we help our #B1Players to get to top teams in Catalonia and help them shine. And our player Leo Itsitsar continues to grow also in the Baix Llobregat team, AE Prat.

Of course, everything depends on the player’s talent and willingness to fight for a place in that particular team. Anyways, we are dedicated at helping players to improve drastically and become more complete players.

Today we will be talking about one of our players who is filled with talent and dedication and is fighting every day to improve his game.

We are extremely proud and happy when we see our B1 Players strive in their teams, and that’s what is happening with our Belgian player, Leo Itsitsar.

He has been part of AE Prat for a while and has been fighting for his place in order to be able to be in the starting eleven. It hasn’t been an easy task as all of his teammates are really talented, what is expected in a National division team.

Leo’s first start against Gimnastic Manresa

Anyways, after many weeks of hard work and dedication, Leo was granted his first opportunity to start his game against Gimnastic Manresa.

The young talent was really happy about his Coach decision and expressed his feelings about it:

“It was a pretty motivating and rewarding feeling, It goes to show that hard work pays off. I think I did pretty good but I know that I can never be satisfied with “pretty good”, I could’ve definitely improved in some aspects of the match  and I look forward to doing exactly that.”

We feel that Leo is even more motivated than before, getting a taste of what he was chasing for a while. His confidence and commitment to keep fighting for a spot in the starting eleven were tremendously boosted.

Even though the competition is huge inside the team, Leo is not scared and is determined to keep pushing hard.

Even though they ended up short in the end, AE Prat is still in the run and pushing for the promotion in Division de Honor at the end of the season. For Leo and his teammates, this would be the best reward they could wish for.

Leo’s Second start against FC Barcelona

Leo’s performance against Gimnastic Manresa surely helped him get his second starting spot opportunity and this time against FC Barcelona!

Traveling to the Barcelona fields, the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, and being able to play against a top-quality team is a moment that every player would like to experience. We are sure Leo enjoyed every minute of it, even though they came up short (1-0).

We are really happy that Leo has been able to show his presence in the team and hopefully, he will be starting many more games this season. We would also like to thank Noelia Déniz for giving us the photos of our B1 Player Leo, leaving a nice soccer memory.

All the hard work that Leo has been doing with his team and with B1 Soccer Academy is finally paying off. So what is next?