B1 players compete against FAF Hospitalet

B1 Soccer Academy players hit the green field to play their second friendly of the season. We were all really excited and looking forward to competing again with the new B1 Roster that has been filling up in the last few weeks. New friendly game and new victory.

Indeed, several players from different parts of the world have decided to be part of our Academy to our great pleasure and honor. Not only do these players bring more competition and intensity to the training field, but they also give the Academy more options during friendly games like this one.

Our B1 team played against the FAF Hospitalet team from Barcelona on the 9th of February and the starting eleven chosen by Head Coach Didi Rodriguez was the following:

Zac, Leo, David, Diego Sandoval, Jason, Emilio, Justan, Alex, Yann, Juli and Omari

Second friendly of the season

A friendly match that involved tests, new players, and also the preparation of the well-known MIC tournament next April, where B1 will bring a team to compete.

The game started with an amazing intensity showcased by all the players on the field. A really early goal opportunity in the very first minutes of the game was given to our number 10 Julian Coto who was able to find the back of the net with much confidence (0-1).

Both teams were looking solid and organized, trying to keep the possession as much as possible.

The next chance appeared in the next 20 minutes in favor of the opposition. Even though our defense was doing a really good job, the FAF Hospitalet players were able to penetrate the defense and score (1-1).

Until the end of the first half, both teams had many occasions but our midfield composed of Alex, Jason, and Emilio was working really well, dominating the midfield and making sure the ball circulated easily towards the wings.

Good second half

The good working midfield allowed our attacking front player Omari Bain to play more freely and have many opportunities. Indeed, in the 25th minute of the second half, Omari was able to be at the right spot at the right time to take advantage of B1 (1-2).

Just a couple of minutes later, and what highlights the intensity of the match, the rivals were able to draw once more, this time it wasn’t really a defensive mistake but more an unlucky mistake from the keeper (2-2).

The last goal had a certain impact on our B1 players and we could feel they were rising the level of the game, with almost full possession. With two fresh changes as well, and Leo moving up in the left-wing, our offensive pressure was at its maximum. Moreover, Justin Dunstan passed from the right-wing to the offensive midfield, and these changes really made the difference.

Just moments later, after the opposition lost the ball in their half, Omari is able to make a run and provide Justan with an assist inside the box at the 36 minutes (2-3).

Despite the rivals trying to score once again, the B1 players were looking solid in the back of the field. At this moment, the game slowed a bit more down, leaving some open spaces and, giving Justan the opportunity to drive the ball and shoot from a 35m range. SIMPLY ASTONISHING GOAL! (4-2).

We are really proud of every player, for their commitment and hard work yesterday. We will keep on working harder and pushing ourselves and enjoy these moments!