Sumer Singh comes back to B1

First and foremost we want to wish everyone a Happy New Year who will hopefully be filled with happiness and positive experiences. And with the new year also comes good news for the B1 Family!

After this much-needed and pleasant Christmas break, it is time to hit the training fields once again at B1 Academy. In fact, we have players like Sumer Singh, who are coming back to the Academy to repeat the experience they had in the past.

It is always a touching moment when a player decides to part his ways with the Academy to experience and start another adventure. We have players coming from all around the world and it is often temporary, so we have to get used to it even though it is hard.

We train and build players but we also build relationships with them that are meant to last. Anyways, we are always happy to be able to see them grow through the years and see them achieve great things outside of our Academy.

Sometimes, some of the players leaving for different reasons come back to our great pleasure. We are happy to be welcoming Sumer once again and to add him to the B1 squad.

The young player from India took a break in order to go back to his home country in West Mumbai. Recently we have been hearing from him because he wanted to come back to the Academy and start training again. He was missing the B1 experience and the fact of living in the beautiful city of Barcelona, we understand you Sumer!

He had this to say when we asked about how he felt about his return:

“I am very happy to be back at the Academy. I have waited for this moment a long time but with the Covid crisis i couldn’t really travel. I am ready to train hard again and to push myself to new limits! It is a pleasure to meet new teammates and the Coaches once again.”

Having said this, we are excited to present Sumer to the new B1 Players of this season and start working effectively on his game!

Welcome back Sumer!