The B1 Players are back in training

With the last season cut short because of the Covid-19, the B1 Players have finally returned to Barcelona starting off their new season of 2020 with regular training.

Both players and coaches were looking forward to this moment after this long period of inactivity.

Coach Marc Fortuny has been supervising the training with the help of coach Eric Bertran in the first week as we are waiting for our General Manager Didi Rodriguez to come back.

A great job is being done during the training sessions and giving the athletes a complete and specialized training right from the start of the season.

Back to work

New faces in the academy and new training sessions. Marc implemented specific training drills and exercises allowing the athletes to get back into the rhythm and prepare them for the upcoming challenges.

Positioning, precision, quick responsiveness, and control were some key areas the training was built around. In Marc’s words:

“We are really excited that it has been possible to start the 2020 season with the B1 Players. We have been looking forward to this moment and are working on getting the athletes back on track by applying our methodology and creating specific trainings. We are confident that our players are capable of achieving our seasonal goals”.


We have been feeling the excitement of the B1 Players to come back to training after this complicated situation.

Despite the fact that some players still need to arrive in Barcelona, the players attending the first week had positive energy and a strong desire to put in some effort.

B1 Soccer Academy has been taking the appropriate and regulatory initiatives against the Covid-19 in order to ensure that the athletes are in the safest environment possible during this global pandemic.

“We were afraid that with the COVID-19 the season was never going to start, but we have been able to successfully manage and prepare ourselves for the challenges coming with it. This start of the season is significant for B1 Soccer Academy and motivates everyone to do their best in their respective tasks inside the Academy”.

We look forward to another wonderful season together!