B1 Players at Bubble Soccer

Yesterday the B1 Players enjoyed a different sporting experience; they played a Bubble Soccer tournament at Jordi Alba’s facilities in Cornellà.

A surprise session thanks to Jomi Bcn! What seemed to be a normal training as every Thursday, ended in a surprise visit to the facilities of Cornellà. Some of the boys wondered: Why don’t we go where we always go? Are indoor football fields? Will we be able to train here all winter long?

When they arrived, the boys went straight to the changing room to prepare for training, but the sound of an air inflator revealed the details of the surprise, it was time for Bubble Soccer. It was time to make 3 teams of 4 players each on to spend the morning playing soccer in a different way.

Faces of surprise and many questions, as well as nerves for never having played with the big bubbles: “Am I supposed to get in here to bump into my team-mates and also play football?” commented Kim. Some basic behavioral instructions to avoid any fright and to play…

The teams have been formed as follows:

  • Kim (South Korea), Adam (Lithuania), Kumar and Sumer (India)
  • Sergio (Spain), Agustín (Argentina), Moddy (Australia) and Owen (Hong Kong)
  • Adrian (Switzerland), Yanick (Canada), Ayaan (Maldives) and our CMO Eric Bertran

You wonder who won? The answer is easy, the team captain by Yanick, who did not lose any game becoming the king of the undisputed track. Although to be honest, the real winners of the day have been the bubbles. No doubt, but ask Sumer!! ☺

At B1 Soccer Academy we like to surprise our players, we like to propose different activities that make the kids feel at home. And today, despite not being all B1 Players, we wanted to say goodbye before the Christmas holidays with a fun activity. We’ll be back soon!