B1 Team’s difficult win

New friendly match to prepare the MIC 2019 and with more challenge after meeting our rivals in the group phase of the tournament next April.

Yesterday the B1 Team played a new friendly match, against Atlètic Hospitalense. Also, new B1 Players who have joined our program in recent weeks joined the team for the match; the Japanese Kein Suzuki, the American Jack Tiegler and the Chinese player Xiaolong Hu.

Even start for both teams, with majority of possession in the middle of the field. In the 10th minute, the forward of Atletic Hospitalense deceived Zac with a good feint, ending the play in goal.

Another goal in the 21sr minute came and B1 found themselves in a difficult situation with two goals down.

The team continued fighting and battling to regain possession, and after a beautiful combination between Duncan, Hoyong and Kein arriving into the box and fouled.

Leung stepping to the penalty found the back of the met with a swift finish in the 32nd minute. A whistle blew, and B1 was 2 to 1 at half time. Still, a lot of work to be done to get back into the match!

Learning from mistakes

The second half started with high pressure from Hospitalet and in just 45 seconds were able to force a loss, braid a good move and end up in a center that has become a goal. Minute 46 and 3 to 1 on the scoreboard.

The team has been able to recover quickly and shorten the scoreboard. After a couple of occasions frustrated by the defense, Miraash managed to shoot at goal from outside the area forcing the goalkeeper’s stretch for a save.

After the goalkeeper’s rejection, Agustin was able to read the ball’s rebound and score the second goal in the 55th minute.

B1 Team has continued to play and continue to create opportunities. Finally, in the 79th minute, Agustin crashed the ball fell short as the ball hit the post. A minute later, Miraash invented an incredible pass between the lines for Agustin and with a 1v1 with the goalkeeper, B1 evened the score 3-3.

In the last minute, a long ball from the goal and after a mistake of the central back of the local club, Agustín has seen space holds off the goalkeeper and scores his third goal in today’s game. His first Hat-trick!!

Managing to come back into the match, the wing of Marcos finds a splitting ball through the center for Miraash running onto the pass & with a soft touch the game final score 3 to 5.

“We’ve kept trying, but football has these things. You can’t always win and the guys need to see that mistakes penalize you and they’ll do it even more at MIC, where games only last 25 minutes per part” said Didac “Didi” Rodriguez, who sees the first game of MIC coming closer and closer.

We continue to work and improve day by day!