B1 USA is back on track!

After a long summer break, are glad to see that B1 USA has started its usual routine once again. After three tournaments already, we are happy to see that we have several committed teams and coaches to the fullest.

B1 at the Publix Labor Day Cup

The first tournament, the Publix Labor Day Cup was helpful to see where the teams were standing in terms of level and preparation. As usual, every single team fought very hard and showed an exemplary attitude in each of the games.

The U13 for example had a really promising start of the season as they did not make it easy for their opponents by showcasing a real fighting spirit.

Furthermore, the U15 were able to stand out by reaching the finals. For the other teams, whom we are really proud of, we’re able to show us the areas in which they needed some support and attention in the following training weeks.

Salty Palms in Naples as the second tournament         

In the Salty Palms tournament, our teams had more difficulties as the teams that showed up had a good level in general. It was a real challenge for our boys but it was also a learning opportunity most importantly.

Despite the results, B1 left the Naples field with much more than what they came with early in the morning.

They had a rough time winning games but what is clear is that they didn’t lose faith a single moment and played like the scoreboard was 0-0 from start to finish. Moreover, the coaches have been able to see how each team reacted to such a situation and have been able to determine which were the problems and how they could manage them.

Florida Extreme Cup welcomes B1

Last weekend, B1 had the opportunity to play the third tournament of the season, the FL Extreme Cup, and all the teams came with one goal in the head, perform better than last time. Well, that is exactly what happened as the performance, in general, was way more consistent for each and every team that participated.

Furthermore, a special heads up to the U11 who nearly reached the finals after an amazing performance. Also for the U13 who made an amazing run and won the silver after winning their ticket for the finals!

It is a pleasure to see that our B1 USA teams are working so hard to become better and to achieve great results, we can’t wait to see you in the next tournaments!