Special activity for Easter!

Easter came around and B1 Soccer Academy wanted to give all the players a little present. Indeed, we prepared a surprise and brought the boys to Hospitalet to enjoy a morning of Bubble Football.

We had the chance to use the facilities of Gol a Gol last Thursday, don’t hesitate to check them out if you are around Barcelona. They were very friendly and the whole facility was looking really good.

If you don’t know what Bubble Football is, basically it’s a 5vs5 football game, only difference is you have a giant plastic bubble around you and there are no rules!

We played with three teams rotating and playing for 6 minutes, which was enough as holding the bubble and playing can get really tiring.

This special activity was a unique and original idea of spending some quality time with our b1 players. We wanted to do something out of the ordinary, unique, de-stressing, and simply fun.

The giant plastic bubbles are a new element that is a clear handicap to be able to play football normally. We can’t deny we had a lot of fun, some players gave it all and bounced around non-stop.

Those moments are important to us as it build strong relationships between players, it was not only about having a good laugh but about sharing a moment and get a look at each other in a different environment.

To resume it all, we had a lot of fun, shared some good moments between players & coaches!