Dani, the new B1 Physio has arrived

In B1 Soccer Academy we always take care of all the details and to have all the fronts covered, we welcome the new B1 Physiotherapist, Dani Jimenez.

Our physio at B1 until recently, Pepe Romero, sadly he has decided to part his ways with us to join CE Sabadell, a Second Division team La Liga SmartBank in Spain.

Even though it is not easy for us to let Pepe leave, we are extremely happy for him and this amazing career opportunity, good luck Pepe!

Anyway, with this come good news as we have already found a substitute to fulfill the function at B1 Soccer Academy. So, Dani Jimenez will help us to keep all our players in the best conditions.

Illusion and Enthusiasm

His career as a physiotherapist in soccer started with his first university internship in UE Cornellà under the supervision of Pepe Romero. Dani had the chance to learn from the way Pepe worked and feels like he owes him a lot.

Besides, Dani’s life has always been linked to sports, and that is why he decided to start his career in this sector. His passion and admiration for soccer come from far away as he used to play during his childhood.

Furthermore, Dani describes himself as a hard-working person, empathic, responsible, and really methodical. In addition, he is really ambitious and is hungry to improve in all the facets of his life, both professionally and personally.

Responsibilities on B1

In fact, Dani’s responsibilities inside the academy would be to contribute to the health education of #B1Players and in the recovery process when injuries or discomforts appear. Dani expressed how he felt about this responsibility coming with his new job:

“I believe that helping a person, in itself, entails great responsibility. The fact that B1 players are putting all their confidence in me makes that responsibility even bigger. I can assure you I will do my very best as I feel privileged and very lucky to be able to help B1 players and be part of their journey.”

In general terms, the injuries that occur the most are the muscular ones. In these cases, correct management of the load together with a good invisible recovery is essential.

Dani’s main responsibility in such a situation is to assess and educate the player about how important proper load management is during his day-to-day training sessions, along with the emphasis on good nutrition, hydration, and rest.

Once the assessment and educational part are over, the objective will be to help the player return in the best conditions possible in order to be able to practice again with minimal risk of injury.

New challenge

As mentioned before, Dani feels really fortunate to have been given a very nice opportunity to develop his work he has so much passion for.

He explained to us that opportunities sometimes take a while to appear and that young physiotherapists like him should be patient but at the same time be ambitious every day to become better.

Dani’s way of being ready for opportunities like this one is being updated about new ways every day, as well as being aware and giving importance to evidence that works, in order to benefit the person he attends.

Dani is looking forward to work at the Academy, giving his best together with other professionals, to help contribute to the well-being of all our talented players day after day.

Welcome to the B1 Soccer Academy Family Dani!!!