December Mood

Winter is upon us and cold mornings, runny noses and cold hands are part of the daily training at B1 Soccer Academy. However, this does not stop any of our players.

They are determined to give everything they have before leaving for their respective countries to celebrate Christmas with their families.

Thankful for this year and ready for the next one

We already know that the Christmas break without football will be feeling like forever and that is why the B1 Coaches and B1 Players are focused on training hard.

For this reason, the coaches are doing everything to get the best out of these trainings in order to end this complicated year in the best way possible !

As you may know, this year has been hard for us and it is a blessing that the Academy has been able to keep its head above water. In these difficult times, we are proving that our Soccer Academy is here to stay!

For this, our December mood is about being thankful to our players who are one of the main reasons why we can keep going.

Furthermore, we will miss our players during the break but we know they will come back well rested and more motivated than ever. It will be time to start a new year for which we have high hopes.

B1 trainings are getting better

Another year passes by and B1 Soccer Academy keeps on growing and improving in different areas. We believe that the quality of our trainings is improving consistently.

Our coaches are committed to deliver the most efficient and professional style of training to our players. Every week they are trying to variate the exercises and push the players to their limits.

Our talented right-wing, Miraash who has been part of the B1 family for a couple of years now has expressed his feelings about the training:

“I have to say that this year the training is of really high quality, there is a clear effort from the coaches and the academy to provide us with the best training to develop our skills. I am really happy to be able to be part of these training sessions.”