Eduardo Levi, new B1 midfielder

We start the week with very good news. Today we are delighted to announce a new recruit joining the B1 Soccer Academy family in this 2020/21 season. Welcome, Eduardo Levi!

Originated from Mexico, Eduardo Levi has been living the most part of his life in Mexico city where he was born. He started playing football around the age of 7 with the support and the presence of his father.

Levi, that’s how everyone knows him in the world of soccer, has been playing since then and has developed excellent skills, the reason why we are excited about his arrival at the B1 Academy.

Indeed, Levi decided to make us part of his journey and it can’t make us happier. He made this choice because he wanted to experience living in Spain, and above all, learn the Spanish style of football.

More about Levi:

  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Position: Defensive Midfielder
  • Current Team: No current team
  • Favorite player: Toni Kroos
  • Favorite team: CD Cruz Azul & Bayern Munich
  • Aspirations for the season: Improve as much as possible
  • Long term objective: To reach the professional level

Although Levi is a very talented player, he would like to improve his self-confidence in his playing style and decision making, improve as a person and player in general.

He describes himself as being dedicated to the proper functioning of the team giving his heart out every time he walks on the pitch.

Moreover, Levi is used to playing simple and quickly, always being well positioned on the field, which are qualities that are extremely useful in his position.

Working for the future

Finally, Levi’s seasonal goals would be to be part of the best possible team in Barcelona, where he will be able to develop as a player and gain precious experience in his path to the professional scene and become a better person.

At the moment is not part of any team as he joined us recently, but we are dedicated to helping him find a place in a talented team.

Our Head Coach, Didac Rodriguez, had this to say about the arrival of the talented midfielder:

Levi is a really talented player, surprisingly his way of playing fits really good with our playstyle in B1 Soccer Academy, so he will be able to adapt very quickly. His game is simple and precise and we need a solid player like him to open spaces and create a dynamic in the game”.