First B1 recruit from Ivory Coast

New-season means new surprises and we have the pleasure to announce to you a new arrival at B1 Soccer Academy. This young player decided to be part of the B1 Family for this upcoming season. Do you want to know more about him?

The talented winger coming directly from the Ivory Coast decided to make B1 part of his football career. And we couldn’t be happier about it!

Yann touched his first football ball when he was only 4 years old and he fell in love with the sport at that moment. He believes that playing football and dedicate his life to it is the very reason why he came into this world.

Moreover, Yann has had the opportunity to travel a lot during the last few years and has been able to play football in every single place he has been to. This gave him an insight into the different types of football you can find in Brazil, France, or Spain.

His passion for football grew through the years and made him want to become better in the sport. Anyways, outside playing football, the young talent like to play video games and spend time with his friends.

Get to know Yann a little bit more:

  • Nationality: Ivory Coast
  • Position: Winger/Attacking Midfielder
  • Current Team: No current team
  • Favorite player: Neymar Junior and Marcus Rashford
  • Favorite team: Manchester United
  • Long-term objective: I want to play against the best players and teams in the world and win the best trophies in the world.

Furthermore, Yann chose B1 Soccer Academy because he is very interested and believes in our program. He has big goals and would like to achieve them with the help of B1. He had this to say about his arrival at B1:

“I am very happy to be part of this academy, I came here to become better and I believe that we can do it together. I am sure that I will improve day by day, although I know that I will have to work very hard to achieve it. That is my goal.”

Moreover, he believes that he is a good player but that he still needs to learn a lot. Anyways, he is really grateful to have coaches that are able to tell him what he should improve in his game.

He believes that his qualities are his technicality, his speed, and also his shot power. On the other hand, he believes he can improve his physical strength, his head game, and his positioning in several situations.

Finally, his goal for this season would be to become a better football player in all aspects of his game

Welcome and see you on the training fields Yann!