First friendly game of the season at B1!

After a long break in terms of games due to the global pandemic, we are finally back on the field for our first friendly of the season. We are delighted that our B1 Players can finally play a real game situation and consequently gain experience playing together.

We have been waiting for this moment for a couple of months now, and it is only recently that the Catalan Government has allowed the practice of games between clubs/teams.

The B1 squad is ready!

Until now, we have been developing our players following our specific methodology and we have been noticing improvements.

Not only they have been improving  in the execution of basic drills but also during possessions and games situation, we have been developing their quick response, precision and  movement.

Moreover, we have been working hard to have positive results in games and the time has finally come where we can evaluate our players and their performance. Of course, there is still a lot to learn for our young players but everything is part of the process.

We expected a good level of play during the game, and a good training for the upcoming games of the season.

The first friendly game against CF Don Bosco

On this Wednesday afternoon, our B1 team faced two teams of CF Don Bosco with a fresh line up :

Squad list: Zac, Jason, David, Diego, Edgar, Abdu, Julian, Ashaam, Peter, Agustin, Omari, Justan, Youssef and Eyoel.

In fact, in the first part of the game, our B1 Players faced CF Don Bosco Juvenil B, and in the second part, they faced the Juvenil A of Don Bosco. We drew both games, respectively 1-1 and 2-2.

Furthermore, the B1 Coaches, Didac Rodriguez and Eric Bertran felt that the performance of our players was decent and the game helped them notice some areas for improvement to work on in the next weeks.

They also felt that the players could have done better knowing their full potential, but in the end it was the first real game with this new team.

Anyways, we are very happy that Omari Bain has been able to find the net twice during the day. A strong performance from the young talent, showing his physical and mental presence on the field. He also helped his teammate, Peter Perrot, to score in the second half of the game!

On an end note, we are still grateful for the opportunity to play, because it helped highlight the main areas in which our players have to improve.

We will be back soon and prepared for a new challenge!