First friendly of the season vs Liga Universitaria Uruguay

The new season has already started for a couple of weeks at B1 Soccer Academy. Together with the new additions to the team, the B1 Squad has been training for a couple of weeks before facing their first opponent what would be their first friendly of the season.

Indeed, the B1 Players all converged on the INEFC’s field to compete in their first game with the new roster of players. Because of the location that the University of physical education of Barcelona, there were plenty of students and spectators that came around the field to enjoy this game, giving an exciting atmosphere.

Of course, most of the players are familiar faces that repeated with us, and together with the new players, they decided to defend to colors of B1 the best they could. The rival was the Liga Universitaria de Uruguay which was sub23 players so it was definitely going to be a challenge for our players that are younger.

Moreover, the coaches of B1 were able to record the game with the newly acquired VEO camera which is going to enhance the video analysis for the coaches’ feedback to the players in the future. Every game and training will be recorded on this new camera that not only gives footage but also interesting data of different sorts that is priceless for performance analysis.

Back to the game, the first half of the game was a real challenge for our players as the best players from the Liga Universitaria de Uruguay were in the starting eleven. We expected a physical game as the rivals were older than our B1 players.

Anyways, we were really proud of the first half as our players played really consistently and made few mistakes in general. Despite our players trying their best to create chances, the rivals were able to score at every single opportunity they had,  showcasing real efficiency in their game.

First impressions

In the second half, the “Charrúas” team made a lot of changes and put on the second-team players, which relieved a lot of pressure on the field and gave our players more opportunities to create chances. Despite their efforts, it was hard for our players to be efficient, and hardly found the back of the net.

The game result is 1-7 in favor of the rivals, the score looks dramatic but with different factors not working in our favor, we are still proud of the efforts our players put into the game. Of course, it is not always easy to play with a changed team, so we still have a lot to work on during training sessions.

We are still proud that our players pushed themselves as much as they could. In general, it was an amazing experience for the players and for the coaches to understand what are the next steps to work on individually and as a team. We cannot wait for the next friendly with another top team to challenge ourselves again!

Go #B1!!!