First trainings at B1 Barcelona

The ball has begun to roll at B1 Soccer Academy. Lots of B1 players are already living in our residence, the TSH Campus Marina. And little by little they are accomplishing the performance plan of our program B1 Elite Development.  

The set up takes time and for this, our general manager and Head Coach, Didi Rodriguez, with the help of our interim coach Marina Schachowskoj, have developed a conditional work program by microcycles that will benefit all the players for the further understanding of the soccer methodology.

During these two first weeks of adaptation, the coaches have focused on the morning sessions in conditional work. Combining sessions of Force-Resistance intercalating preventive work of coordination, equilibrium, and eccentrics. Besides the core work!

But not all has been physical work. The different sessions of training have also served to begin to introduce some technical concepts. Exercises of passes in circles, in which the body profiles and “to look before receiving” appear in the tasks besides introducing small elements of decision and cognition elements.

At a tactical level, the B1 players have focused in the creative work and space occupation in offensive phase and individual tactic principals in the defensive phase, as the defensive of equal situations and numeric inferiority.

Two intensive weeks…

that have combined with the training sessions in the afternoon with different teams in the city of Barcelona, such as CE Jupiter or the CE Vila Olímpica. Besides some work session in the gym with bosu, TRX, and medicinal balls. Well completed weeks and of intense conditioning.

We do not just talk about sports. Today, all our players have begun classes in the different international schools.  And all the Staff at B1 wish you a great beginning in School!