From Argentina, “la garra” of Agustín!

It is always a pleasure to welcome new players to our program. Today we want to introduce you to Agustín “Agus” Franco who comes from Boedo, Argentina!

  • Name: Manuel Agustín Franco
  • Date of birth: 9th August 2001
  • Place of birth: Argentina
  • Position: Left Winger
  • Dominant foot: Right
  • Last team: Club Atlético Huracán, Argentina
  • Favourite team: San Lorenzo de Almagro
  • Interests: Soccer, personal growth, video games and sports in general

The young Argentine player arrived last October in Barcelona to participate in our 10 month program of B1 Elite Development. Despite arriving with the season started, Agustin has adapted very quickly to training, studies and living with the other players of the program.

The “garra” characterize Agus as a player and the “agallas” define him as a person. Somewhat reserved (at the beginning), but fun, friendly and respectful, as well as very responsible.

In the field: left winger, team player, with a good pass, skillful in the one on one actions who prefers to play a changed leg, on the left side, to take advantage of his dribbling and speed.

From Argentina to Barcelona

Agustín began playing football at the age of 8 on his local team, the centennial club of San Lorenzo de Almagro, also known as Ciclón or Los Cuervos. He spent his first formative stage in the club and it wasn’t until he was 14 that he changed teams.

The jump of category and his good doing with the ball in the feet, besides his combative and ambitious character, took him to sign by the Club Atlético Huracán until the 16 years. It was then when his desire to pursue his dreams brought him to the city of Barcelona, Spain.

“I want to learn from the best, I want to absorb soccer knowledge every day and I will work hard to make it so. I will train hard and focus on improving day by day. Coming to Barcelona is a great opportunity to get to know the level of formative soccer in Catalonia and to be able to see the high level of Spanish football. A unique opportunity,” said Agustín.

We will closely follow Agustin’s progress during this first season at B1 Soccer Academy, so don’t miss any details!