From Charlotte to B1

In B1 Soccer Academy, we always welcome athletes or coaches that want to experience the whole B1 lifestyle. It is a pleasure for us to let soccer players be part of our daily routine, so they can get an idea of how we work and who we are.

A few days ago, we received a surprising and interesting visit from a coach and his two players from the United States of America. Indeed, Eli Brash, Coach at Queen City Mutiny in Charlotte (North Carolina) got to know B1 in a coaching course in the US. Being in Barcelona in this period, he decided to pay us a visit along with two players.

Indeed, the two players were Hollin Hardy and Sam Fairbairn who both play for the U17 Queen Mutiny in Charlotte. They all live in Asheville, where the two players will be part of the Asheville City FC professional Academy team next summer.

Coach Eli described the facilities as being nice, new, and in a good location. In addition, he mentioned the following about the attention we give to our B1 players:

“I felt B1 gave a lot of personal attention to their players which is very important because most players are not standout talent like Messi- players need care and support to succeed – B1’s mission is to provide that extra care.”

Moreover, Coach Eli was impressed about the relationship we have with TenGoal because it is something that is not usual in the US. Normally, parents and players are left to navigate in the vast and confusing world where they have been given no guidance.

Furthermore, they thought that the training sessions in the morning had the perfect amount of intensity as the B1 Players have training sessions with their respective teams in the afternoon. Equally important, Coach Eli mentioned that the players seemed to mix well and that everyone was friendly to Hollin and Sam which is an important aspect for teens traveling in a foreign environment.

On an end note, Eli would recommend B1 to American players as it seems to be a very good step into the European market from the US market.

It was a pleasure to meet them and to share our love for football. We hope to hear from you soon!