From El Salvador, Rodrigo joins B1!

It is always a pleasure to be presenting new recruits to our B1 Academy. Today, we have the honor to present to you a new talent coming from El Salvador, becoming the first B1 Player coming from the Latin American country. Rodrigo Salaverria!

Rodrigo started playing football when he was around 8 years old. He believes that he was born with a passion and talent for football because it came so naturally to him.

Moreover, his experience in football has been amazing for him, he was able to play in different teams and environments where he could grow and find himself as a player.

Get to know Rodrigo a little more:

•    Nationality: El Salvador

•    Position: Left-back

•    Current Team: B1 and UE Sant Ildefons

•    Favorite player: Kylian Mbappe

•    Favorite team: FC Barcelona

•    Aspirations for the season: Win the most possible games with B1 and his team

•    Long term objective: Go as far as possible in the professional world of football, but always be humble.

However, Rodrigo Salaverria decided to join B1 Soccer Academy because for him it is a blessing to be able to play football in Barcelona and he considers B1 to be well organized and elite. In addition to having the opportunity to live a unique experience, even if it is far from home, but in an ideal environment to improve.

Furthermore, Rodrigo describes himself as a player that likes creating chances, using his speed and technicity to overcome rivals, and being able to use his shot power.

On the other hand, the reason why he came to B1 is to improve a lot of aspects of his game, such as his tranquillity in-game and his position on the field. A really positive thing about Rodrigo is that he is open to listening to the coaches and working on him becoming a better player.

Nevertheless, knowing that there is a long road in front, does not stop Rodrigo to dream big and see himself at the top level.

For now, he wants to adapt to the B1 squad and style of training, as well as get to know his new teammates. For him, two important things to keep in mind are having a winning mentality and never stopping working hard.

Our Head Coach Didi Rodriguez had this to say about the new recruit:

“Rodrigo has arrived late in the season and the B1 Players are already in an advanced training dynamic, but he is an interesting player and eager to learn. We are convinced that Rodrigo is 100% ready to improve and get a better version of himself as a player. We will be working day by day to achieve this. His attitude is important.”

Welcome to the B1 Family Rodrigo!