Iván Sarrablo, new B1 Goalkeeper!

It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you our new member of B1 Soccer Academy, Iván Sarrablo. He is the first Spanish player to join the family and we are very proud. Welcome crack!

The gifted goalkeeper has been dreaming of pursuing a professional football career already from his youngest age.

He has been playing football for many years but feels like he can still learn a lot about the game and that is why he decided to join us for a new journey!

Born in Huesca, Ivan will be our first Spanish player of the Academy to join our multi-cultural team. Ivan is really excited about his move to the academy and he already expressed his feelings about the first two weeks at the academy:

“I am really happy to be here, everything is going great and it is what I expected. I feel like this is the environment that I need to reach higher levels.”

More about Iván :

  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Current Team: CE Sant Gabriel
  • Favorite player: Iker Casillas
  • Favorite team: Real Madrid CF and SD Huesca
  • Aspirations for the season: Learn and reach his maximum potential
  • Long term objective: become a professional goalkeeper

Iván Sarrablo has been living in Boltaña, in the province of Huesca during his whole childhood. During his free time, Ivan is used to playing a large variety of outside sports and meet with friends.

Iván describes himself as an ambitious and thirsty of learning player who brings fellowship, a positive attitude, and commitment to the field. He feels secure in goal because he trusts his reflexes and his positioning during the games.

Nevertheless, Ivan would like to use his time at B1 Soccer Academy to improve in certain areas like his footwork or his goal kick and become a more complete goalkeeper.

His seasonal goal would be to learn as much as he can and dedicate himself to professional football. And he is on the right track.

At B1 Soccer Academy we offer specific training for goalkeepers with the collaboration of former professional goalkeeper Miguel Ángel Álvarez from MAAT Goalkeepers

Ivan has also left glimpses of his quality in the team with which he worked out, despite being a first-year Juvenil (U18).

Thanks to his work and quality, Ivan has signed with the Barcelona team CE Sant Gabriel and is very excited about the high level of the team and its aspirations to promote the category.

CE Sant Gabriel is a historical club in Barcelona, which has a great sports record in the lower categories. It is also a soccer school where many players have gone on to become professionals.

Our General Manager and Coach Didi Rodriguez had this to say about the new recruit :

“We are really happy to add a goalkeeper to our team. Ivan has a huge potential and we were able to see it in the first training sessions as he showed surprising reflexes skills. In addition to that, his will to learn is really strong and that is a quality we are looking for in our new B1 Recruits. We are looking forward to working with him and help him reach his full potential!”