First-ever norwegian striker joins B1

We are back with another player presentation as our B1 squad keeps growing and diversifying in this 2022/2023 season! Indeed, after playing with us for a couple of months already, we finally have the chance to present to you our first Norwegian player at the Academy. Welcome Fabian Berntsen!

Fabian started playing football around the age of 6 in one of his neighbouring clubs called Ullensaker Kisa. His passion for football arose because of his older brother, who played really good at the time. In this club, Fabian was able to learn the basics of football and grow his passion through the years.

Moreover, the young talent describes his childhood as being easy and calm, with school and football as his two pillars growing up. Indeed, Fabian used to play football everyday with his friends.

Couple of years after, the Norwegian player decides he wants to improve as a player in different aspects of his game. That is why he joins B1 Soccer Academy, to learn the Spanish way of playing and focus on improving his game. Doing so, the young talent becomes our first-ever Norwegian player.

More than that, he commented that the facilitation with international schools through the academy is very convenient.

Furthermore, Fabian humbly explains us that may facets of his game need improvement such as his vision, confidence, ball control and decision making. On the other hand, he believes his qualities are strength, shooting and his passion for the game.

Finally, his aspirations are to become the best version of himself in the next few years, and coming from a striker, also score as many goals he can.

It is always a pleasure to work with players that are passionated and ready to give it all, welcome to the B1 Family Fabian!