MIC Preparation: B1 plays against Don Bosco

In order to be as ready as possible for the upcoming MIC Tournament, the B1 Players challenged themselves once more in a friendly against CE Don Bosco last Wednesday.

Meticulous analysis of the B1 Players

Indeed, Coach Didi Rodriguez came along to supervise the B1 team in this friendly, evaluating two aspects of the game. The first one is an individual analysis for every player and how they managed their role during the game.

On the other hand, Didi also evaluated possible problems in a more general sense, such as ball movement, players’ position, pressing and passing.

B1 players gave everything but lacked of efficiency

In the first half of the game, our B1 players showed the right intensity since the start. The rivals played also well which made the game relatively balanced with chances on both sides of the field. Even though B1 was really close to scoring a couple of chances, the chance was not really on our side.

Anyways, they kept on fighting and trying to create different opportunities to overcome Don Bosco. One slight problem that could be noticed was the connection between our midfield and the attacking options.

This is something the coaches already are working on and a friendly game like this is the perfect opportunity to keep on improving on that side. The first half ended in a draw.

The second half started the same way, both teams fighting with intensity but lacking some precision in some situations.

Anyways, the opposition was able to find the back of the net on a defensive mistake on our part. This is when our players really started stepping up their game and the intensity of pressing.

In fact, we had a couple of clear chances to draw and even to take over the game but it wasn’t meant to happen. We tried until the end, giving everything we had but tiredness started settling in and our boys lost a bit of focus towards the end.

In any case, our B1 players showed some really promising things and put out a great effort!

We will keep on training and getting ready for the MIC Tournament, #GOB1