New season, New kits

New seasons mean that there are always some big changes in B1 Soccer Academy in order to prepare in the best way possible for what is coming next. White with red, orange with black and red with black… have been some of the designs of previous years. And for the new season we have opted for a design different from the conventional.

Most importantly,  every start of a season involves having to say goodbye to B1 Players but also welcoming new talents from around the world. Actually, there is also room for other minor but meaningful changes such as the brand-new B1 kit collection!

Indeed, it is our custom to replace the B1 kits every year so that the players can be provided with brand-new clothes, shoes, and balls. In fact, not only the players benefit from a kit change but the coaches will also dress up in different colors!

It has always been our pleasure to find the most suitable designs and best quality products for our players, and our close relationship with Puma helps in that matter. The B1 players are always really excited to discover the new kits and in a way, it already unites the old and new players of the Academy.

Our young Belgian talent, Leo Itsitsar, who has been training for B1 for several years now has expressed his excitement about the new season and the brand-new kits:

“It is always nice to get new quality kits, it is a good way to represent a new start and in addition they are looking really good! Now we only need to work hard and sweat in those new shirts!

Of course, the kits are one of the last things we worry about in order to create quality football players, but we are always happy to put smiles on the faces of our players. Having said this, it is time to work hard week in and week out, build chemistry in the team, and develop every player individually to help them reach their top level.