New victory for B1 Team with NAMA

The #B1Players are still adding minutes to prepare the MIC International Tournament 2019 that will be held next April, today in front of the Chinese team of NAMA Sports.

A new match to test and finish adjusting some positions. The most complicated game and worked so far, against a NAMA with very young players but talented.

For the starting eleven, Didi Rodriguez, responsible for the team has counted on Zac in the goal, Kumar, Eberth. Stoli and Adam Kovarskas in defense, Sumer, Kim, and Miraash on the midfield line of three with John, Adrian, and Agustin as attacking trident.

The match has been played in the Camp Municipal El Carmel from 18:45h.

During the first minutes, both teams have been testing their possibilities and have dominated, above all, the game in the center of the field, with hardly any chances for either of the two sets.

And it wasn’t until the 43rd minute that B1 Soccer Academy‘s first goal arrived, scored by Adrian after a steal in the opponent’s area, after a loss of the defense’s ball, which ended with a very powerful shot, making the goalkeeper’s stretch useless.

Just a minute later, just before the first 45 minutes were over, Miraash, after a good individual play, tried a “vaselina”, but the crossbar and then the goalkeeper’s back prevented the second goal from rising to the scoreboard. And with 0 to 1 we reached the break.

Adapt to competition

In the second half, Didi gave Agustin, Sumer, and John a break to give Duncan minutes on the right wing, Owen on the left wing and Sergio to help in defense.

The tone has been very similar to that of the first half, although the NAMA team has managed to reach more often the goal defended by Zac. Occasions for both teams, but in the 69th minute and after a quick play by Adrian, Duncan has managed to score, although the referee has canceled the goal.

This time has encouraged the B1 Players, who have continued to appear, until 3 minutes later, in the 71 Stoli has filtered a pass between the lines into space for Adrian, who has ended up in a shot rejected by the goalkeeper. Like a good 9, Adrian has continued the play and after seeing the ball in the air, after the rejection, he was able to head the ball to raise the second goal to the scoreboard.

Didi Rodriguez valued the match very positively and commented that “we are getting a good dynamic and the players are increasingly aware of their conditions and that with effort and work, the team can get what it wants.”

All the minutes that our players play are important to acquire mechanisms of the game and without a doubt, they are of great help so that they go knowing their companions and they can yield to the maximum level.

A new game, where the #B1Players have shown their ascending progression. So, we are on the right way!!!