Pre-season time at B1 Soccer Academy

The start of the season at B1 is around the corner and the B1 coaches & players are taking the pre-season very seriously. Preparation, prevention, and hard work sessions. Double sessions and a lot of desire to start at the maximum.

During the last few weeks, the B1 Coaches have been preparing specific training sessions in different locations around Barcelona, even on the beach. The pre-season is a crucial phase of the season as most of the players had a break in their physical training routine.

Unfortunately, during the summer holiday, muscle strength, endurance, and conditioning decline. This is where some players could get injured if not properly prepared to start the new season.

That is why our coaches are making sure that the pre-season training is allowing the players to build a solid foundation for their fitness, agility, and strength.

The exercises are also specifically designed to improve the player’s technical ability.

In addition, one of the most important reasons for the pre-season is to prevent and reduce dramatically the risks for our players to get an injury during the season.

In other words, we are preparing our B1 Players to fight for their colors and ensure optimum performances for when the season starts officially.

More than being physically ready for the season and the upcoming matches, we are also making sure that the players are in the ideal state of mind, which is as important as being physically ready!

Our B1 players are returning to Barcelona!

Several of our B1 Players left for their home countries to spend their time with their families. Now that the summer is almost over, we are happy to see a couple of them already coming back and join the pre-season as well as getting back to the #B1lifestyle.

In fact, a couple of days ago we had the pleasure to welcome Yibeltal from Ethiopia who is a new B1 player that will be joining us in a new adventure! Also today, a familiar player to all of us came back from Florida, United States and he is more than ready to start another season with us, welcome back Edgar!

Others have been training in Barcelona for a couple of weeks already such as Omari Bain, Leo Itsitsar, and Julian Coto who have recently joined their new team in Barcelona, stay tuned to know more about them.!

We can’t wait to start the season again, we have new players adding themselves to the B1 Family and we are ready to start off strong like always!