Private sessions with B1 Coaches

B1 Soccer Academy has always been open to people that are passionate about football and would like to experience a professional environment. Indeed, when the opportunity comes, B1 can adapt itself to players that would like to enjoy the B1 experience for a short period, sometimes a couple of days.

As you may already know, B1 has been offering specific programs to players or teams for a period ranging from 1 to 10 months. Recently, the Academy has seen positives in offering private sessions to players that would like to work on specific aspects of their game.

Last week, B1 had the pleasure to welcome three young Mexican siblings: the Merino Cortez brothers – Toño, Sofia, and Santiago (11, 12, and 15 years old respectively) who enjoyed three private sessions with our B1 Coaches: Marc Fortuny, Eric Bertran, and Sergio Alfara. The three players, who were traveling to Barcelona with their family, really wanted to take part in those sessions which they very much enjoyed.

In those specific private sessions, the coaches worked under their usual B1 methodology working on coordination, passing, precision, and finally shooting abilities, always with the active component of DECISION-MAKING. Specific drills combining or working on those specific elements allowed the Mexican talents to have an idea of how B1 is working.

Of course,  it is nearly impossible to have a significant improvement in only three days but we believe the three young players came back home with more than they first came with. Moreover, their feedback was really positive and they really enjoyed every session.

“We have enjoyed and learned a lot at the same time, the training is very different from Mexico and we have been able to appreciate how much we have liked B1. Training here has been fantastic, I wish I could stay here all year to continue improving. It has been amazing.”

Finally, the three young players had the chance to meet the B1 Players and have a penalty shootout session!

B1 is always happy to work in talent development and give their contribution to the improvement of any player coming to the academy, for a short or long period!!