See you soon, Dani!

Today is a sad day for all of us at B1 Soccer Academy as our captain Dani Rodriguez’s 3-month stay comes to an end. Ever since his arrival, he has been an example to the others both on and off the pitch.

His excellent communication skills, relentless fighting spirit, technical aptitude, great vision, and discipline beyond reproach made him an integral part of the group in training sessions and matches alike.

These admirable qualities deservedly rewarded him being chosen to wear the captain’s armband for B1 Soccer Academy, and he assumed that responsibility with ease.

Dani instantly became a popular figure in the dressing room thanks to his positive, kind and outgoing personality.

Very much like his role on the pitch, he ensured every member of the team got along and worked together to bring the very best out of one another behind the scenes.

Dani captain and leader

Dani Rodriguez has always been a good mirror to look at, both for the teammates and for each of the members of the technical staff. And our General Manager, Didac Rodriguez has defined it as:

“Dani is the embodiment of everything we as B1 Coaches are trying to teach. He understands our playing style as a group as well as his individual functions perfectly, and always exceeds our expectations. We had no doubts in choosing our captain. He has been our right-hand man on the pitch to reach his teammates and assist them in situations we as coaches simply cannot.”

On the other hand, Marc Fortuny, Head Coach who know Dani Rodriguez well, has been very proud of the work in the Venezuelan field and has mentioned that:

“He is the epitome of a well-disciplined, hard-working, humble football player and it has been a real pleasure working with him. He has not only improved himself but has also helped the others around him improve as well, and as a coach that is exactly the kind of player you would want on your team. We certainly hope to work with him again soon and wish him all the best in all his future endeavors!” 

Outside of B1 Soccer Academy functions, Dani also trained with Catalan Second Division side Athletic Prat Delta along with B1 teammates Stoli Dimopoulos and Kein Suzuki.

He now returns to his home in Mexico City following an excellent experience of personal growth as a player and individual and shall apply what he has learned at B1 Soccer Academy and in Barcelona to the new challenges awaiting him.

Then he will head to the United States to continue studying at a prestigious University in Carolina, and thus continue with his football career.

As his coaches at B1 Soccer Academy emphasise, Dani has also left his mark on the players, the older players but also the younger ones.

And the B1 Player, Zac del Favero, with whom he already lived in another previous stage in Barcelona, has commented…

“I have known Dani for five years now as we were in the same intensive development program back in 2014 along with coaches Marc, Didi, and Giancarlo. We have always had an excellent relationship and share great memories winning the 2015 MIC consolation phase together along with Miraash. Ever since I found out he would be joining us at B1, I knew he would take our group to the next level on the pitch and bring us all closer together off the pitch. I am very thankful that B1 made it possible for our paths to cross again, and hope it will not be five years until I see you again!”

It has been a pleasure to count on your talent, to live with your quality every day and to see how you continue to grow as a person and as a player.

We wish you the best in this new adventure, and you know you can count on the #B1Family for everything. Un abrazo genio!!!