The first training of the year

New year but same working ethic at B1 Soccer Academy Barcelona. We are starting a year with the same vision and hoping that we can impact the lives of more young athletes coming to the Academy. Are you ready for 2022?

We are not wasting any more time and getting back to work after the pleasant Christmas break that we all love so much.

Indeed, the majority of the B1 Players have been coming back to Barcelona. Some of them with the same goals, others with different ones, but one thing for sure is they came back to work even harder than last year!

The training, supervised by Didi Rodriguez, Marc Fortuny & Eric Bertran was separated into three different parts. The first one consisted of specific drills that challenged the players on their motricity and technicity. Basic concepts that players must assimilate in order to progress and improve in each training session.

Moreover, the second part consisted of a specific possesion exercise. Finally, the training ended with a game with little goals. Dynamic components that give meaning to the training but also give it rhythm and intensity.

We could feel the excitement of the players and their commitment during the training. The energy was there and that is all we need during the training sessions because it is always easier to work with athletes that really want to get there.

In addition, with the arrival of the B1 players after visiting the families in their home countries, new faces also arrive to make the B1 Family grow. More details will follow soon…

Looking forward to this year that will be filled with surprises!