Welcome Omari, our new B1 Striker!

Once again we have the pleasure to present to you a new arrival at the B1 Soccer Academy and our first Bahamian addition to the B1 Family. At only 18 years old, Omari Bain is a strong and talented player that we welcome with open arms.

Omari started playing football when he was 6 years old in The Bahamas. He believes The Bahamas was not the best place to advance in football as the sport is still developing there.

While Omari met some great players and coaches there, he wanted to play in a more challenging environment to achieve a higher level.

That is when his passion drove him to the United States of America where he has the chance to be in the top 12 of the State of Vermont and even won a championship in 2018.

His passion for football grew quickly and he always wanted to progress in it. Football ended taking up most of his childhood and it became his hobby.

Nevertheless, besides playing football and dedicating his life to it, Omari loves spending time with family and friends. He believes spending quality time with loved ones is really important and enjoyable.

Get to know Omari a little more :

  • Nationality: Bahamas
  • Position: Striker/Winger
  • Favorite player: Dembele
  • Favorite team: FC Barcelona
  • Aspirations for the season: To exceed my goal scoring and assist records I’ve achieved in Spain
  • Long term objective: To one day be a professional player

Furthermore, Omari explains to us that he chose B1 because he wanted to challenge himself above all.

Moreover, the Bahamian player believes that B1 is a place where he can train against stronger players than him and that he needs to be challenged physically and technically in order to improve as a player.

In addition, Omari thinks he is a player of speed and explosiveness, taking pride to fight for his team through thick and thin. Speed passing and shooting would be his strong suits.

However, he would like to improve his first touch awareness and tactical vision on the field. In other words, he would like to improve his technical and tactical ability above all.


Our General Manager and Coach Didi Rodriguez expressed how he felt about the new recruit:

“It is always a pleasure to welcome a new player to the Academy. We believe Omari has a great potential , he is really fast and strong, and we believe we can help him become a more complete player and achieve what he wishes.”

Welcome to the B1 Family Omari!