Three B1 Players play for Girona FC in a friendly game

Last week, three of our B1 Players were invited by European Soccer Solutions to play in a high-level match between Girona FC and unió Esportiva Olot in the U19 category.

It is not every day that B1 Players have the opportunity to wear the jersey of a professional club, and being able to do so is a privilege that a select few have. And this has been possible thanks to European Soccer Solutions, who also train players in Spain and were looking for players to compete in a friendly matches with professional clubs.

And ESS invited three of our B1 Players to join Girona’s side: Yibeltal Elias, Emilio Magaña, and Alex Villanueva.

As expected the game was of high quality and intensity. The team played really well in the first half compared to the second where fatigue and lack of tactical response made the difference.

Unfortunately, the opposing team showcased a really good level of play, making it really difficult for our players and the Girona FC team.

Yibeltal gave his all

Our Ethiopian talent, Yibeltal, had the chance to enter in the second half as a substitute. He is known for his intensity and effort above all. He showed a strong attitude by running after every ball and trying his best to create chances from his winger position.  

The two Mexican talents performed!

Emilio and Alejandro play football together since they are kids, and last week was a special moment for the two. They were humbled to be able to represent Girona FC in this game.

Emilio, who was in the 11 starting as a midfielder, played his own style which is a very safe and precise football. He was really solid in that midfield which granted him the chance to play most of the game.

In the second half, he moved down as a central defender to leave his place to another player. Emilio expressed himself over the game:

“We had a great performance even though we ended up losing the game. Anways, it was a pleasure and honour to play under the colours of Girona FC. A great experience to be able to share a locker room with other great players who are playing in a professional club like Girona CF.

On the other hand, Alejandro also came up as a substitute to play on the left-side line. He had less playing time than the two other B1 players but he still managed to have a solid performance. Control and pressure are two of his best attributes and he definitely had the chance to show them on the field.

Despite the result, we are glad those three players had the chance to learn from this experience. A big thanks to European Soccer Solutions for making this happen! #Go B1