Training on the beach

Last week the B1 Players enjoyed a different morning with our coaches “Didi” Rodriguez and Victor González in a training on the beach of La Mar Bella.

The good weather begins in Barcelona and the location of the B1 residence TSH Campus, only 10 minutes from the beach, allows us to offer specific training sessions in a different environment.

The training on the beach started with some games of activation and warm-up, first without the ball for the adaptation to the surface and later with the ball. The B1 Players were also performing explosive force exercises and a sequence of prevention and coordination exercises.

At the end of the session, the boys played a 5 vs. 5 match in an unknown environment, with strange bounces of the ball, with the load of the training and with the fatigue of the beach sand. And nothing better to finish the training than a swim on the beach. A different day, no doubt.

New video analysis

During yesterday’s day, the B1 Players also had a video analysis session in the small amphitheater in our TSH residence.

Victor prepared a dynamic session for our players, where they not only listened to the video’s instructions for correcting the errors but from three basic concepts, the players themselves were the ones who discovered the different situations of the game and what kind of mistakes they made.

The session was based on three types of errors: execution, decision or perception.

“Showing the videos and correcting errors is fine, but involving the kids so that they understand what error was made in the video is the most important part. From the corporal position to the decision making of a pass to space. Learning all the time.”

The intention of these activities in our programs is to make people understand that small elements make a difference in the game. And that with constancy, training and above all, acceptance, progression and improvement is unquestionable.

“This is a very interesting job for the kids. Understanding their own and the team’s mistakes by watching the repeated plays in the video helps them to better understand the real situations and what kind of actions they need to improve. That’s why we record all the matches and work to analyze them.”

Practicing Bicycle Kick

It couldn’t be any other way. We seem to be talking about the beach and people think about practicing the Bicycle Kick ones.

After the training, some of the B1 Players stayed to practice Bicycle Kick jumps and chutes. Everything is a matter of practice and with the sand, as landing surface, everything is easier…