Video analysis with B1 Staff

Players often want to be professionals but are unaware of the many facets that help a player arrive at that level, including video analysis.

Talent can give tools to become a professional, but perseverance, work, effort and the desire to learn and improve are fundamental for the whole development to be complete.

We currently have digital media incorporated to sport that help players and teams every day. At B1 Soccer Academy we make use of digital media to offer our players a complete sports training.

Weekly, we record the training sessions in an analytical way, as well as matches. Each match we dissect our team and rival looking at certain actions/tendencies per position/line of play. By collecting a large amount of detailed information allows our players an environment to consistently learn in & improve to perform at the highest level.

Didac Rodriguez, responsible for the sports area and General Manager has always treated the information in a very refined and professional way: “We are aware that we have a lot of material from the players, but quantity is not quality. We are very careful in selecting the actions we want to convey, the actions we want our players to understand. The aim is for them to learn and be critical of what they do well, but also of what they do badly. It’s about improvement.”

Improving every day

Here at B1 Soccer Academy, we understand the importance of a holistic approach to sports development for our players. It is just as important that they learn concepts in the field of play, as they are able to understand their weaknesses through video analysis in order to improve.

The video must be concise, direct and easily understandable for the target. It is not necessary that the footballer has to see everything reflected in a video, he must also perceive it through the game.

This way he will pay more attention to what the coach asks of him during training/match scenarios and it will become easier to assimilate information.

During the previous video analysis session, Didac Rodriguez worked with a small group of players analyzing the match played by the B1 Team.

The video analysis is designed to give information about aspects of the game and situations of improvement:

  1. What happens in a match in its different phases, attack and positional defense, offensive, and defensive transition and stopped ball.
  2. Study the opponent, game model, defensive positioning, main offensive-defensive principles that define it, etc…
  3. Study your own training, physical-cognitive intensity, load, duration, the attitude of the footballers, intervention of the footballers in the tasks, a reflection of the attainment of the objectives for which the session was raised and adaptation of the tasks for the attainment of the same ones.
  4. For intervention in a match, through data analysis, which reaches the assistant coaches, etc.

Everything provided by the analysis is to study their possibilities for improvement. At B1 Soccer Academy, we take into account factors connected with a professional data software for our footballers called, FootballAim.

B1 Soccer Academy provides a complete tool and a quality service to offer the best soccer program in Barcelona, Spain!