B1 Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and it is time for everyone at B1 Soccer Academy to spend some quality time with their families. The desired return home to charge the batteries.

This year has been really complicated for everyone and unfortunately, soccer was not immune to the global crisis. However, we have managed to make the best out of the situation as we were able to get back to our routine after a long break.

Looking back at this year, we believe that we are going from strength to strength as our B1 Coaches continue to further develop the B1 Methodology. Yet again we enter a new year with growing optimism.

We have always opined that the players coming into our Academy did so because they believed in us and our methodology, knowing that they could improve along with enjoying their time with us, and for this we are grateful.

We want to keep the momentum going and achieve bigger things next year!

On the behalf of the B1 Soccer Academy, we wish all the players and their families a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

We are also happy to announce that several new players will be joining our B1 Squad in January, the B1 family keeps on growing to achieve wonders !

A little present for our B1 players

The B1 Players have been really good this year and Santa Claus decided to come around to deliver a little present for the players.

We didn’t know that Santa was passionate about soccer but he brought the players their own profile card with statistics specific to each one.

We don’t think he predicted the uproar that it would create when the players started comparing themselves. Anyways, they really liked the detail and some already want to prove they are better than the statistics on their cards. Try next year!

On an end note, we want to say that we are already looking forward to seeing a good number of our players back in January to start a promising next season. For now, enjoy some Christmas vibes with your family!