Young Swedish talent, Anton Nilson payed us a visit!

Working with young soccer players gives us the opportunity to be pleasantly surprised. And that’s what happened with Anton Nilson. The Swedish young athlete came to Barcelona for a couple of days and was interested in trying out the B1 Experience.

During one week, Anton was able to enjoy some of our morning training sessions with our B1 Players and in the afternoon, he had the opportunity to train with the top team for his age group of CE Sant Gabriel, an Honor Division team.

In fact, Anton plans on coming to Barcelona after he is finished with school back in his home country.

After he is finished with school, Anton would like to come to Barcelona to play football and develop his skills and chase his dream of becoming a professional player.

This is the reason why he decided to try out our Academy and we were happy to show him a bit of our day-to-day at B1. He was able to experience our way of training and understand a bit what our methodology was all about.

To our great pleasure, we think that Anton and his parents really liked the environment of our Academy.

Indeed, the parents of Anton were looking for a small Academy where much more attention is given to each of our players. They believe this is really important in the development of Anton as a player but also as a young kid.

We only needed a couple of training to see that Anton’s football level is really good. He has an amazing touch combined with good vision and positioning on the field. At only 14 years old, Anton showed maturity in his style of play that was impressive.

We are already counting the days to see Anton back on our training fields. It was a pleasure to meet you and see you soon!