Aayan at the Jordi Alba Campus

It’s not every day you can meet a professional football player, but today Aayan, the youngest player of B1 Soccer Academy, has met Jordi Alba on his campus.

We recently welcomed a 13-year-old Maldivian talent Aayan Imthiyaz, brother of another B1 Player Miraash Imthiyaz. During the Christmas holidays, he was able to enjoy football at the Jordi Alba Campus, held in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 16.

After participating during last week of 2018, today has resumed the training of technification. And just after the training session, and to start 2019 in an incredible way, Jordi Alba has surprised all the boys and girls with an unexpected visit.

Faces of surprise, much joy and also nerves. The FC Barcelona player has approached to meet, greet, answer some questions and take pictures with the players aimed at their campus.

Aayan, who arrived from the Maldives a month ago, has been able to meet and greet FC Barcelona’s international crack and has assured that “it has been something very special. From watching it on TV with Barça or the national team to meeting him in person, greeting him, shaking hands with him, taking a picture with him and having his autograph. A memory for life.”

New edition Jordi Alba Campus

Christmas arrives and with the holidays, a new edition of the Jordi Alba Campus. Campus thought and conceived for boys and girls from 6 to 16 years old.

As explained on the player’s official website, “we intend to inspire all children to have ambitions and fight for them, strive and learn both to win and lose. We work on all the fundamental aspects of soccer, we promote Jordi’s philosophy and values in every player’s life”.

JA Training Methodology

The aim of the Campus is to promote technology and decision-making in a game. In the Jordi Alba Campus teach and practice technical and tactical resources in a real match situation, both individually and collectively for players and goalkeepers, with the best soccer coaches.

The methodology combines training and competition in a compatible way. At the Jordi Alba Campus, the ball is always the protagonist of the training sessions.

A fantastic alternative for children to enjoy football in an ideal environment and with the support of a player of the stature and recognition of Jordi Alba. It has been incredible to meet Jordi and you could devote a few minutes to your fans!