B1 with UK Universities

Yesterday it was a great journey for B1 Staff. Eighty women’s players, who are the captain of many college teams from the UK came to Barcelona, to enjoy a 3 days soccer experience that includes a 2 hours training session together.

We are very grateful to all of them for coming and listening to our staff to learn and share with us all their talent. It’s satisfying for us to see how women’s soccer is growing in front of our eyes with talented players as captains.

For the training session, we have our General Manager, Didac “Didi” Rodriguez, our US Manager, Marina Schachowskoj and coaches Jordi Furriol and Pere Aragay.

Also during the training, we had the presence of the ex-player of FC Barcelona and Chelsea FC, Albert “Chapi” Ferrer.

In order to work correctly, Didi organized the 80 players into four groups of 20, with each group installed in the middle of the pitch. The session compromised of passing drill, the tactical round, possession game, and finishing with a series of small sided matches against the four groups.

Each activity focused on the importance of proper technical execution, tactical understanding, and structural concepts.

During the training, “Chapi” was correcting the players and actively participating in each and every one of the activities demonstrating that quality is never lost.

“Chapi” was very attentive throughout the session and at all times offered to participate with the players: “Do you need a neutral player…I can play…I can play…you just let me know & I’m there!.” He was always involved, happy to be part of it all, and the PASSION. So amazing!

Incredible day

A different day, a training session with more than 80 players and new challenges ahead. At B1, we bet for women’s soccer providing an educational environment for young female soccer players with dreams of turning their passion into a profession.

We continue to add experiences and yesterday’s was undoubtedly a spectacular one. And this summer will take place the first edition of B1 Girls Camp, an international elite women’s soccer camp, and this is just the beginning.

Our aim is to help women’s soccer grow and we want to grow with it!!!