B1 at Wyscout Forum in London

Last November 7th and 8th, the B1 staff was at the Wyscout Forum in London, the world’s leading event dedicated to global transfers and players scouting. A fantastic experience to get a closer look at the transfer market of the big clubs in the world. Teams such as Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester United met at the forum. But we also had the opportunity to talk with clubs from all over the world.

The first official B1 event where Eric Bertran, head of business development at B1 Soccer Academy was able to present the sports and educational project. A project created specifically to discover the sporting talent in the world of football. During the event, we were also able to discover the Wyscout application up close, get in touch with some of the best professional clubs, and share talent concerns with some of the best scouters in the world. All united by the same passion, football and future!

Wyscout is not only a reunion event but it is a great and useful sports tool. Wyscout is a platform that has revolutionized the world of scouting. Founded in 2004 by two young Italians, Wyscout has become an essential tool for more than 600 clubs, 40 national teams and 500 representative agencies.

The system offers several features, but it is essentially a platform that allows you to watch games from all over the world from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. “Have all the football in one place. That’s the concept” explains Matteo Campodonico, CEO and creator of Wyscout.

Shortly after a match has been played, it is already on the platform. In order to save time, many matches have a short display option that omits all moments when the ball has not been in play and you can also see an extensive summary or simply the goals scored. Simply amazing and useful!