B1 Cup Barcelona

Last Sunday the first B1 Cup Barcelona was played in Esplugues del Llobregat between B1, Sant Feliuenc FC, CF Lloreda and the local club, CFA Espluguenc.

The quadrangular tournament organized by B1 Soccer Academy was the first of a series of tournaments that began to take place on these dates, once finished the different leagues of the Catalan Football Federation.

For the first match, the B1 Players faced, in the first knockout of the B1 Cup Barcelona against Sant Feliuenc FC. The winner of this first match would play the final against the winning team of the second match.

The team of Didi and Victor took control of the game in the early stages with good overflow performances of the two band players, Agustin and Asher.

Fruit of these occasions, came the millimetric shot off a corner executed by Tandasi that Alberto managed to head to beat the goalkeeper of the team of Sant Feliu and put the 1 to 0 on the scoreboard.

Already in the closing stages of the game, Santfe and after an error of the defense of B1, managed to throw goal with danger, although the Indian center Kumar saved on the same goal line. And so ended the first game, with victory for B1.

Second qualifying match

The second encounter of the afternoon faced to the set of Badalona, CF Lloreda and the local set CFA Espluguenc.

During the first minutes of the match, both teams had chances but the two goalkeepers made good saves. But in the minute 15, in a serve of lateral fault, the forward of the CFA Espluguenc managed to anticipate to the defense and to score the first goal.

Just five minutes later, a new free-kick on the edge of the area was going to mean the blue team’s second goal. The young midfielder of the Espluguenc managed to deceive the barrier and goalkeeper throwing the foul flat on the ground. Minute 20 and 2 to 0 in the scoreboard.

In minute 25 came the third goal of Espluguenc after a pass filtered between the lines that the forward knew how to define very well throwing the ball to the long stick of the goalkeeper. Last minute and last goal of Espluguenc leaving the marker bulging by 4 to 0.

3rd and 4th place

Lloreda CF and Sant Feliuenc FC were the two teams that played the eliminatory to know the 3rd and 4th place.

A close match with chances for both and with very equal forces. In the 7th minute came the first opportunity for the team of Javi Bascuñana, causing the good hand of the goalkeeper of Lloreda.

As an answer, 4 minutes later, the forward of the set of Badalona bit the ball over the goalkeeper but ended up crashed at the base of the right stick of the goal. The scoreboard followed 0 to 0 arrived at minute 15.

But in the 17, after a pass to the hole of the attacking midfielder of the Sant Feliuenc, and in an action traced but in the opposite area, the tip did not fail and made to raise the first so much in the marker.

The Lloreda continued squeezing and pressing the ball out. That pressure began to cause errors and this meant the draw of Lloreda CF. A play with different shots, interventions and many legs within the area that ended with the ball in the network of the whole Llobregat.

Draw at 1 and penalties to know the winner of the match. Nerves and some penalties failed made the Lloreda finally took the victory and third place in the B1 Cup Barcelona.


Final vs Espluguenc

From 18h the match between the B1 Players and the home team began. Two very different approaches but eager to get a positive result to win the B1 Cup Barcelona.

Occasions in both areas. And in the 9th minute of the game, the first goal. After a shot from the tip of the Espluguenc adjusted to the stick, making impossible the stretch of Sergio Alfaro.

A goal that made Didi’s team react, that introduced some variations and changes in the initial 11, giving entrance to new players like Nathan Soto and Nick Urroz.

The game of B1 Soccer Academy’s bands returned to work and this insistence caused that in the minute 30, the defense of the set of Esplugues left a dead ball in the edge of the area. The ball was used by Brandon, who threw an unstoppable right to the right corner of the goalkeeper. 1 to 1 and only 15 minutes ahead.

When everything seemed to indicate that the tournament would be decided by penalties, came the second goal of the CFA Espluguenc. Minute 39 and a book counter leaving only the forward who put the ball between the legs of Sergio.

Final result 2 to 1. He had escaped the victory in the B1 Cup Barcelona, but it was a good game and very competitive.

Presentation of trophies

At the end of the match, the organizers first awarded the MVP prize to the best player of the tournament. This was for the Cameroon player and midfielder of B1 Soccer Academy, Tandasi Fombutu.

The second prize credited the CFA Espluguenc as the winner of the first B1 Cup Barcelona. Congratulations cracks and we hope to play against you again soon!