B1 in Sports Business Meeting

In B1 Soccer Academy we do not let any opportunity escape us to continue learning and shaping ourselves in the world of sports. And yesterday was a great day for us!

Our General Manager, “Didi” Rodriguez, attended the Sports Business Meeting, the first professional day around the business of Sports organized by Palco23, the leader in economic information in Spain in this sector.

Under the motto “Sport and business: tandem of the future” the event has focused on diverse and interesting themes such as the data that encompass the industry of sport, the equilibrium between the sport and the spectacle or the digital future that is facing the sports landscape.

But Didi Rodriguez was not alone in the Sports Business Meeting since, Alberto García, current goalkeeper of the Rayo Vallecano, ex-teammate of  Didi and good friend of B1 Soccer Academy, accompany him during the whole journey. A luxury to count with Alberto that besides is in congratulations because the Rayo Vallecano just ascended to First Division. 

The event held in El Mercat del Born de Barcelona counted with a poster of excellent speakers. Where we were able to hear the intervention of the world of soccer, cycling, motor, basketball, or fitness, besides some experts in the digital transformation and its applications in the sports world in general.

Directors and professionals of the NBA, Facebook, Rior Games, IMG, La Liga, SD Eibar, Titan Desert and Go Fit, made magnificent interventions and explaining the paradigm shift for the Spanish sport in general: since the application of the new technologies going through the treatment and professionalization of the experiences of the sports fans. Now the sport is more than just sport.

“It is not enough to place a logo on a T-Shirt, what it gives added value to a sponsor is that the player gets involved to be part of the brand. That is what we intend to make the players see.” – Patricia Rodríguez (SD Eibar).

Sport and business: tandem of the future

Sports Business meeting is born with the objectives to value the economic importance of the sport in Spain and establish a forum to interchange ideas between different actors of the industry to analyze jointly their future challenges and explore formulas to strengthen it.

“The sport in Spain: a business of 15.000 million euros” – Jaume Garcia professor of the Department of economics and company of the Universidad Pompeu Fabra (UPF)

It is expected that each annual edition will have a specific theme and a title under which the set of the journey´s activities is framed and address to a public 100% professional. Besides, the event counts with the sponsorship of beIN Sports and the software developer Poliwin.

It should be added that, in this Project, Palco23 it’s backed by Cinnamon News, an editorial group of which it is part and that has a long history in celebration of this type of events.

We could define of very interesting and helpful the journey of B1 Soccer Academy in the Sports Business Meeting, where not only the contents have been worth it, but the roundtables, presentations, contacts and small talks with other professionals of the Sport. We love the Sports Networking!