B1 is still present in Costa Rica

The first anniversary of B1 Soccer Academy‘s arrival in Costa Rica is approaching and it is a pleasure to see how the work of our sports staff continues to impact the young players who enjoyed the B1 Camp

During December 2019, the technical staff of B1 left for Costa Rica to celebrate the first campus in the Costa Rican country, in addition to providing training for coaches of all categories.

We can talk about a total success in the development of these first training sessions of the young players and soccer teachers in the magnificent facilities of Proyecto Gol, of the Federación Costarricense de Fútbol“.

Four days of continuous training where our coaches Didac Rodriguez, Marc Fortuny, and Eric Bertran enjoyed each session in front of some soccer players and coaches with a lot of enthusiasm and a great desire to learn to keep improving.

A few unique days, which had the invaluable help of great Tico professionals such as Manfred Schumann, Michael Mora, Roberto Rojas, Carlos Avedissian, and Sergio Alfaro.

As a souvenir of the experience, the B1 staff gave uniforms to all players for the practice sessions, as well as a small backpack to carry boots. They also took some gifts from the sponsor PUMA to give them different gifts. 

“It’s great to see how the kids keep training with their clubs and getting better every day. But it’s even better to see that many of them use our uniforms, T-shirts, pants, and socks for their workouts. It fills us with happiness and makes us even more eager to repeat the experience.