B1 on the Hero Girls Camp

As every year and once the season is over, the soccer camps arrive where thousands of young players continue with their passion. We had a unique experience this summer.

And because we love the world of soccer, this year we have been present in one of the best-known camps in women’s soccer in Barcelona, the Hero Girls Camp.

The Hero Girls Camp is an international campus for girls where elite players participate as coaches. Designed for players between the ages of 12 and 17, it was held in Barcelona from 22nd July to 4th August.

In this year’s edition, our General Manager, Didi Rodriguez and our coach Javier Bascuñana, has been present in charge of leading the training sessions for the two weeks. As well as being a real pleasure to train with these young players, we enjoyed working with them and discovering the potential of women’s soccer.

Training with pro players

The first day of training and Didi and Javi met more than 7 nationalities on the pitch, but all united by the same desire: to learn and improve as soccer players.

But Hero Girls Camp is not all about soccer. The HERO Girls enjoyed visits to touristic areas of Barcelona, they were able to get to know the Sagrada Familia, visit FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou, and stroll along the beach… among many other activities.

Also during the first week, we had the pleasure of meeting and training with the player from Valencia CF Femenino and the Dutch national team, Mandy Van Den Berg and with the goalkeeper from Atlético de Madrid and the Spanish national team, Lola Gallardo.

Without a doubt, a nice experience for everyone to be able to share with professional players, not only a personalized training session but also a small “workshop” to get to know them a little better. A unique experience!

During the second week, we continued to learn from each and every player who participated in the Hero Girls Camp. And we still had a few surprises left…

We continue to add unforgettable moments. We had the opportunity to meet and share our passion with two professional players from FC Barcelona, the Macedonian player Nataša Andonova and the world’s best female player in 2017, Dutch player Lieke Martens. It’s not every day you can train hand in hand with a professional player.

It has been an INCREDIBLE experience. You’re all #HERO players, and we’ll miss you. We hope to see you next year!!!