B1 Players at 3vs3 tournament

This Saturday some of the youngest B1Players could enjoy a 3vs3 #GameOver tournament held in Barcelona and with the participation of some of the best freestylers in the world.

The team formed by Owen Leung (Hong Kong), Sumer Singh (India), Agustin Franco (Argentina) and Duncan Bates (Canada) prepared to participate in this 3vs3 tournament open to players up to 18 years old.

A total of 16 teams were about to play to try to get the championship. Matches in tight spaces, high intensity, and many goals. Only one goal: to win to continue to the final.

Red and green lights were the protagonists in the facilities. The recreation of football in the street, the concept of the “king of the track” and the freedom to play “without rules”. It was time to enjoy.

In the first match the #B1Players faced a young and also inexperienced team in Street Football. Fast game, direct and small details, as well as Sumer’s good performance with his three goals, made the B1 team get the victory by 8 to 7 and pass to the next phase.

For the second match, the #B1Players faced a team with more experience and players specializing in street football. The match ended with a rather unfavorable score for our boys, 1 to 8. But the experience was worth it.

Congratulations to the organization and also to the winning team, in a day where we all enjoyed football in its purest form.

The freestyle world

The event was attended by some of the best freestylers and street players of the moment and also members of the Ronaldinho Globe Street Team, the team led by Edward van Gils.

Edward van Gils is one of the first internationally known Street Football players in the world. He is known as the Street Football “Godfather” and created a ‘team’ with players that have similar experience and reputation in the world of Street Football. This team is called Streetkings and has been founded in 2010.

The captain was accompanied at all times by Rocky Hehakaija, Orry Promes, the young Mehdi Amri and Issy Hitman. A luxury squad of street football.

Many thanks to all of you for having a great day enjoying a new experience for our players. Will some of you be switching to Street Football?