Coaches training in Costa Rica

Alongside the first B1 Camp for young players in Costa Rica, the Barcelona expedition also prepared a specialized training in formative soccer for Tico coaches.

Taking advantage of the visit to the Costa Rican Football Federation, the B1 Coaches had the opportunity to share their knowledge with “profes” from all over the country in a specific training course called B1 Methodology Applied to Formative Football.

Three intense days of theoretical and practical concepts to propose an exposition of the formative football and the way of working in academy B1 of Barcelona.

After a theoretical introduction to the basic concepts, the B1 Coaches went into more detailed elements exposing examples in real activities. Moreover, as our physical trainer Marc Fortuny tells us:

“Let’s have a pleasant training, with the participation of the teachers. We were looking for a dynamic training where the coaches could consult and ask all the questions they wanted. That’s how we managed to connect with them”.

Practical knowledge

After more than 6 hours of theoretical training, many questions, new exercises, new ways to introduce tactical concepts to the players, and a small list of didactic ways to work with a team, the B1 Coaches put homework in the form of task design for the teachers.

In this way, during the last day of the training, the protagonists would be the teachers participating in the training.

Each one of them was assigned a specific task and taking advantage of the other participants, and even the B1 Coaches, had to pose these exercises so that Didi, Marc and Eric could evaluate the quality of the task.

For the B1 Coaches this practical part was fundamental and as Didi pointed out:

“This kind of training allows us to get closer to the coaches and their way of working. We can correct the approach of the exercise, evaluate the way it is directed and even retouch the indications or slogans given to the players so that this task is successful within our purposes”.

After finishing the practical part where all the teachers presented their tasks, we proceeded to the delivery of diplomas with the special collaboration of one of the founders and partners of B1 Soccer Academy, Jaume Solís, who accompanied the expedition from Costa Rica.

In the same way, some presents from our sponsor PUMA for the best exercises were also given.

Good impressions and sensations among the attending teachers. The trainer and also sports journalist Andrey Montes was very excited about the course and confirmed that

“It has been magnificent to be able to count on such professional training. We have learned many things, a new method of teaching our players, to raise a football that is capable of improving the Tico players of the future. Without a doubt, a special experience of which I will keep a great memory. Thanks a lot to B1”.

For the whole B1 Staff it has been an amazing experience and also very rewarding, which we hope to repeat next year together with many more professionals from all over the country. We are waiting for you!