Coutinho and Alexia present the MIC18

Philippe Coutinho, FC Barcelona player, and Alexia Putellas, FCB Women player, were in charge of kicking off THE 18th edition of the Mediterranean International Cup – MIC18 and B1 were there. Both of them went to the Caixabank conference room where they gave their impressions of the best grassroots football tournament in the world.

The MIC‘s commitment to women’s football is an example of how this sport is growing. “There have been stars like Coutinho in the men’s team and I have no doubt that there will also be future stars of women’s football who have played at MIC” Alexia Putellas said.

Several of the participants took part in the event and Alexia gave them some advice: “Seize this opportunity. We weren’t that lucky. Enjoy playing football in front of the best teams.”

Coutinho, meanwhile, was thrilled to remember his three championships at MIC with Brazil. “It was a great opportunity. It is a tournament that is very well organized and in Brazil we had the opportunity to meet a new country. I had the luck and happiness to come three times and win the championship three times”.

One of the most curious anecdotes of the event, presented by Gerard Romero, was when Coutinho explained that he was called Philipinho. “It was because I was small, even though I still am. Everyone in the family called me that. As a good Brazilian, I transmit joy but I am very calm.”

The midfielder also wanted to give some advice to all the players who will play in the tournament. “Let them play with joy, respecting the rules and comrades. On the pitch they have to be cheerful and do what they like best, play football.” Finally, Juanjo Rovira, the tournament director commented that “there is a brutal growth compared to recent years in terms of venues and teams. We have a lot of responsibility and we have to do it very well“.

The B1 staff was present at the event and had the opportunity to greet the two cracks of FC Barcelona, as well as other personalities from the soccer world. There are only 2 weeks left until MIC18 starts and we are very excited.