New Mexico camp with Marina

The good news continues to arrive for B1 Soccer Academy and for our staff, this time with a new activity held in New Mexico, United States. A new B1 Camp!

And no one better for this first experience than our coach Marina Schachowskoj, who returned to the United States after she stays in Spain, to continue working with the little ones.

On this occasion, have been 4 days of specific training held for players of a local club in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

All sessions focused on coordination, technical aspects of the game, and tactical understanding. Basic concepts for optimal development of soccer skills. During the B1 Camp, Marina focus of each activity was for the players to understand roles and responsibilities within their position in each phase of the game; attacking, defending, and transition!

First B1 Camp in New Mexico

For the first time, B1 Soccer Academy comes to New Mexico with the help of our coach Marina Schachowskoj and with the help of JuanCarlos Garzonne, goalkeeper coach and first assistant of El Paso Locomotive FC from El Paso, TX.

“It has been a very enriching experience for the boys and girls who have participated, as well as a nice first experience for our academy in Texas. Without a doubt, we will be back soon.”