Success in the first showcase B1 & JRS-USA

Last Thursday on April 4th the first showcase collaboration between John Robinson Soccer-USA & B1 Soccer Academy held place in Barcelona with successful participation in this first edition.

The collaboration came to be after several meetings defining future plans of both organizations with a deliberate focus on providing opportunities for young talents in the world of football.

Early in the new year agreement with the former professional player John Robinson & B1 Soccer Academy was signed!

The event took place in the facilities of Joan Baptista Milà of the FC Santboià team last Thursday from early morning into the afternoon.

The day began with the registration of more than 25 players who attended this first showcase that brought together more than 12 nationalities: Australia, China, Canadá, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Lithuania, United States, Argentina, Maldives, Italy, India, and Lebanon.

John Robinson was accompanied by the professional goalkeeper Coach Rusell to complete the specific training of the goalkeepers. He also had the collaboration of the entire B1 staff!

Specific training

“Welcome to the first showcase we made in Barcelona. Today we are going to enjoy a slightly different training session. We have focused the activity on a player concept that the coaches of the American universities are looking for. I hope you show all the talent in Spain and enjoy it to the fullest”.

Thus, began John Robinson’s presentation talk for all the players, showing all the parts of the training session. Each player was identified with a bib and a number. It was time to take the field.

The players were ready and nervous to show off their football skills. First indications from John Robinson and a good warm-up to start. Dynamic exercises, bands, technical, keep the ball with restrictions… All together discovering new forms of training.

After the warm-up, the goalkeepers went with Coach Russell to start with the handwork. Tennis matches with hands, coordination exercises and reaction speed work.

Starting at 11:30 am, teamwork began. Small sided games, game related positional session, attack/defense transition & shots to goal.

Match 11vs11

Finally, the highlight of the showcase the final match of 11 against 11. Two teams and a lot of desire to continue demonstrating the individual qualities and also the game of combination between partners.

“It’s a good way to assess each player’s abilities, but sometimes we need to see the players again. Guys don’t know each other and sometimes it’s more complicated to play like that. But the boys played well, and the result was the least of all.”


An incredible day for the guys and one more experience for all the players who came to enjoy this showcase organized by B1 and John Robinson Soccer – USA.

Thank you all so much for coming, trusting in us and College Fit Finderthis has been the first of many events together!